Gender Equity Project

Gender Equity Project

Theme 1: Skills and Competence Building and Networking for Gender Focal Groups

A major strength of the OAU Gender Equity Project was the establishment of Gender Focal Points using a bottom-line approach that acknowledges and accepts the grassroots as a major stakeholders and actors in enhancing gender equity in the university.

A total of 20 Gender Equity Focal Points were created in Faculties and Units, with specific responsibilities and mandates. Each Faculty/Major Administrative Unit was overseen by a Gender Focal Point. The initial sensitization activities helped to create a core gender group in each of these Faculties/Units, with sustained interest in gender-related activities –sensitization, advocacy, mainstreaming and networking.

This core group planned gender-related activities in their respective units, with CGSPS providing the necessary technical support.

Theme 2: Implementation of Gender Equity Policy

The following items identified in the Gender Equity Policy were implemented during the First Strategic Plan.

Training of Gender Focal Points across the major Units in the University;
Developing guidelines on sexual harassment policy for the university;
Establishment of gender-friendly employment policy;

Encouraging the appointment of woment into top administrative positions i.e. as Heads of Department/Units; and a Deans.

Community Outreach and Networking within OAU and its Environ

1. Gender Equity Bulletin: The publication of this bi-annual Gender Equity Bulletin was a powerful tool for the dissemination of gender equity news and activities. The bulletin was used as “fact sheet” for the publication of basic gender disaggregated data, which could help monitor students enrolment, academic recruitment, promotion figures and other gender-based interests on campus.

2. Gender Web Forum: The Gender Web Forum provided avenue for continuous dialogue, further sensitization, and dissemination of gender issues. The Gender Web Forum was hosted on the University’s website, which made it accessible to all within and outside the country. Gender Forum on Air (Television and Radio Programme): The First Strategic Plan witnessed a collaborative Gender Forum Outreach Programme with the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) based on 50/50 cost sharing approach. The OAU-Carnegie-NTA Gender Forum helped to popularize OAU-Carnegie Gender Equity Initiative, far and near. iv. Building Skills and Capacity of Staff and Students in Gender analysis and Gender Activism: Both students and staff were exposed to gender equity issues through skills and capacity building workshops in- – Leadership Training – Mobilization Skills for grassroots impact – Building a strong student peer educators’ forum, thereby creating a critical mass of change agents on issues relating to education amongst the student populace.