Gender Mainstreaming in the second strategic plan period- 2010-2015

The second strategic plan was developed to expand the scope of operation of the center after the successful implementation and completion of the 2004-2009 plans. Outcome evaluation of the earlier strategic plan highlighted gaps which provided the basis for new areas of strategic focus in the on-going period, 2011-2015. While progress was made in narrowing gender gaps in student enrollment and staffing, gender gaps still exist in leadership.

Female undergraduate enrolment increased from 5,519 (24.6% of total enrolment) in 2003 to 8,447 in 2011 (35.4% of total enrolment), female postgraduate enrolment from 116 in 2003 (10% of total enrolment) to 1912 (34.6% of total enrolment) in 2011. In terms of leadership, the University currently has a female representation of 20 females to 247 males at Senate and in 2011/2012 academic session there were 3 female Deans to 11 males.

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