October 17, 2016 cgs

CGSPS Bespoke Residential Face to Face Certificate Courses

In November 2016, the Centre for Gender and Social Policy Studies will begin to offer Bespoke Residential 2-4 weeks training in gender and development targeting personnel in key sectors of the polity; local government workers, health workers, leaders in the education sector, development practitioners, social workers, political office holders, officers in the system of administration of justice, personnel of the human resource departments of government, business and other for profit organizations, Faculty, and administrators in the university system.

The Bespoke Residential Certificate Courses in gender and development would be foundational programmes for persons seeking to understand: women and men’s status; gender relations; the nexus of gender and other social justice issues; and how these impact the well being and quality of life of individuals and communities, and the indicators of development. Persons who wish to mainstream gender into practice, policy, knowledge production and theory building processes would also have much to gain from the certificate programmes.

The Centre encourages employers, philanthropists, funding agencies, and development agencies to sponsor specific categories of employees, community members and stakeholders to attend the certificate courses.

To find out more about the training programmes and to access application materials, send a mail to: centreforgender.oau@gmail.com. On the subject line of the e-mail, indicate: Inquiries RCC or Call 0803-495-2234.

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