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Call for Participation in the CGSPS Community Assembly-Bearing Witness

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The Centre for Gender and Social Policy Studies (CGSPS) announces her monthly Community Assembly where members of Obafemi Awolowo University community and her immediate and larger host communities would, through narratives that are either biographical or autobiographical, bear witness to some of the phenomena that women and men have to grapple with, and which somewhat, shape their lives.

We have in mind women and men’s experience of: menopause and andropause, disability, infertility, formal and informal polygamy, on-line violence, diversity and social justice issues in the workplace, fathers who enabled and ennobled their “girls and women”, “awon iya kogberegbe” (mothers who brooked no nonsense), masculinity, etc.  We want to explore how the meaning each individual makes of her/his experience of the phenomenon being examined is shaped by gender and gender relations.

We would like to know whether individuals who tell us stories believe some aspects of the stories shared as discriminatory or non-discriminatory, whether or not they serve the cause of social justice, and whether or not they improve the well being of the persons involved, their families, co-workers, communities and the nation.

The First Four Community Assemblies

  • The first community assembly will explore stories of “Awon Iya Kogberegbe”; mothers and grandmothers who brooked no nonsense, and had (or has) peculiar takes on the construction of femaleness and maleness and on gender relations.  Date: Wednesday 26th October 2016. Time: 4:00pm. 
  • The second community assembly explores the phenomenon of infertilityDate: Wednesday 16th November 2016. Time: 4:00pm.
  • The third community assembly would explore stories of fathers who enable(d) and ennobled their daughters and wives. Date: Wednesday 14th December 2016. Time: 4:00pm.
  • The fourth assembly explores the phenomenon of formal and informal polygamy. Date: Wednesday 18th January 2017. Time: 4:00pm.


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